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Here at CRASH-DATA airbag services – we are able to bring life back in to your locked airbag module after the airbags have gone off, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds just on airbag module repair alone.

Even when you replace the airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners your airbag light will still flash, this is because the airbag module locks up so the airbags can’t redeploy. >>>>> You simply need to send the airbags control module to us and we return it the next day. Airbag reset ready for you to plug back in.


This airbag service is only for repair of your existing airbag module, We do not hold air bag modules in stock to sell as replacements, we only repair and reset the airbag control modules. If you are looking for replacement airbag module and do not have the original you can always send us an email along with as many details as possible and will try our best to help you source one.

Airbag modules are what control the airbags and therefore you must take care when removing or installing them. As simple as it is to unplug airbag modules or plug them in you must always follow manufactures guidelines.

We have been repairing airbag modules since 2004 and have the time served experience that many of the new crash data removal services flooding the internet can only wish for.

· We are happy to and encourage our customers to speak with us, we have multiple phone lines with helpful staff.

· We have email support and aim to answer all enquirers within 1 hour

· We can repair modules sent in from anywhere in the world

· We repair your module the same day it arrives and we send it back out to you the same day

We have customers from all over the world – Greece, Finland, New Zealand, Italy, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Russia, Dubai, Belarus, Finland, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Sudan, Lithuania and many more…. We literally are the worldwide airbag module repairers !!

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